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Our Featured Video:
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Our cover of “Sway” - old school cool
Recorded live in our studio!
Our YouTube Videos:
NL Acoustic Trio - live performance You want the energy of a live band but need a quieter option? We offer the quiet sophistication of jazz with the accessibility of pop.
Our covers (and live videos)
November Love performing live as an acoustic trio When you want the artistry of a live band but have limited space or need a lower volume ... we bring the sophisticated sound and image. 
November Love music videos are posted on YouTube regularly. The trio, November Love, creates interesting YouTube covers and creates, records and produces music and video. You can find November Love music on SoundCloud, YouTube, Itunes, Facebook, CDBaby and Nimbit. Videos by November Love are here and on the novemberloveband YouTube channel. 
Interested in November Love? Here is our promotional video.
Can’t Feel My Face (Recorded live in studio)
Can’t feel My Face       - Weeknd Cover